15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For All The Stoner Dads Out There

Father’s Day only comes once a year. If you want to show lots of love to the stoner dad in your life, then there’s no better way to do so than with a weed-friendly gift. Whether your pops enjoys dabbing or likes to keep it old-school with joints, this guide will help you find something perfect for the man who raised you. From cases that keep your herb fresh to custom grinders, here are 15 Father’s Day gifts for stoner dads.

1. The Dablicator

For the dabbing dad that stays on-the-go, there’s The Dablicator. Unlike those messy syringes, this nifty device offers a clean and easy way to dispense dabs. All you have to do is give it a twist!

2. The Apothecarry Case

Does your pops need a little something to keep his herb and dabs fresh? If so, then check out The Apothecarry Case. Both luxurious and discreet, this case is everything your dad needs to help him organize his stash.

3. Linx Gaia

While there are countless numbers of dry herb vaporizers out there, the Linx Gaia is perhaps the best of the best. Not only does it heat up quickly, but it’s also simple to use and provides a pure taste of bud with every hit.

4. Best Dad in The Galaxy Grinder

In case the stoner dad in your life needs a new grinder, here is one that is both festive and affordable. This 5-piece tool also comes with a kief catcher and a strong magnetic lid. It doesn’t get much better than that.

5. Coffee Mug Pipe

If you want a gift that will impress pops, then look no further than this coffee mug pipe. Perfect for the working dad that needs a quick toke along with a hit of his favorite brew.

6. Jane’s Brew weed-infused coffee

To go with your dad’s new travel mug pipe, of course! Thanks to Jane’s Brew, enjoying a cup of infused gourmet coffee has never been easier, or more delicious.

7. Dixie Elixirs bath soak

Being a dad is hard work. So, why not help him relax with this bath soak by Dixie Elixirs? Infused with 100 MG of THC, this product will also ease muscle soreness and tension.

8. Auntie Em’s Dark Chocolate Cupcake

What dad out there doesn’t love sweets? Spoil pops with a rich and organic cupcake from Auntie Em’s, available in 140 MG and 420 MG.

9. Kavatza Roll Pouch

If your dad likes to keep it old-school with joints, then he will love this leather rolling pouch. It’s homemade and provides plenty of pockets for smoking accessories. Also, it comes with a wooden rolling tray and a poker to help pops roll and pack the perfect J.

10. Sploofy

In case dad has to hide his love for Mary Jane from mom, gift him with a Sploofy. Not only is it discreet, but it’s also one of the most powerful smoke filters around.

11. The Grow Planner

Does pops grow his own herb? If so, then help him keep track of his garden with The Grow Planner by Goldleaf. That way, he can learn from past mistakes and focus on what is keeping his plants thriving.

12. Multi Ashtray

Any ordinary ashtray will stink up the house. But not the Multi Ashtray by Tetra, which works as both an ashtray and an incense holder.

13. Lighter Cufflinks

Lighting up a J or blunt has never looked more swank, until now, thanks to these epic lighter cufflinks.

14. tCheck

Preparing your own edibles can be tricky, especially when you aren’t 100% confident that they will come out how you like. But with the help of tCheck, pops will be able to check and make sure his edibles have just the right amount of potency.

15. GRAV Fire Button Portable E-Nail

Rather than using a torch, your dabbing dad can use this portable device to heat up his rig with the touch of a button.