Medical Cannabis Clearly Saves Lives, Federal Judge Declares

Medical Cannabis Clearly Saves Lives, Federal Judge Declares SARA BRITTANY SOMERSET February 14, 2018 Dean Bortell, front left, kisses his daughter, Alexis, a medical cannabis refugee from Texas who now lives in Denver. Alexis Bortell is one of five plaintiffs … Read More

Mexico Aims to Legalize Cannabis-Based Edibles, Medicines, and Cosmetics in 2018

The regulations are yet to be released, but the government said the guidelines will only authorize cannabis products for medical use, as well as prohibit local cultivation of the plant. Friday 12/22/2017 by Chris Moore This week, Mexico’s health department announced … Read More

How to Talk to Your Family About Cannabis

There are plenty of medical, social, scientific, and economic reasons to support cannabis — here’s how you can discuss them over the holidays. Tuesday 11/21/2017 by MERRY JANE Staff Holiday season is upon us, and for many, that means dealing with … Read More

This Pharmaceutical Company Wants To Prove Cannabis Destroys Cancer

CURE Pharmaceutical, a technologically-based drug delivery platform and its partner, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology will be conducting a clinical study to test whether cannabinoid compounds will reduce or eliminate cancerous cells. Can cannabis really make cancer disappear? Cannabis as a … Read More